Fitness Friday – Ocean Road 10K Recap

It was early.

It was cold.

It was SO windy.

I got up that morning, got ready, and went out to the car….looking at the MOON and STARS! This race is WAY too early for  my liking, but the course is breathtaking.

After arriving at the race site as the sun was rising, but still hiding behind clouds, we were shuttled to Point Judith where we waited for the race to start. We stood in this cold wind for 45 minutes. Jumping jacks were all we had to keep out blood flowing. It wasn’t too pleasant. It was just downright miserable. I complained the entire time.



I was certain it was going to be one of the most miserable runs ever… but it wasn’t. The sun came out making it much more bearable. Sure the wind was still there, and of course it was NOT at our backs, but it was doable. It turned out being a really beautiful day. Rounding the corner to see the Coast Guard House was a treat, it meant we were almost done. Although that last .25 miles runs along the seawall and the wind was crazy!

Coast Guard House

We didn’t finish with our best time, but then again we were pushing against the wind. A couple of minutes slower than last years time, but it’s not bothering one bit. The real test is in two weeks with a half-marathon, which I’m not feeling too excited about. Still wondering why I signed up. The training is too time consuming. I prefer my shorter runs.

Any way. Ocean Road 10K is done. It’s really a great race if you’re looking for something scenic and you’re a morning person. Me? I’m not a morning person.