5 Holiday Shopping Tips

5 holiday shopping tips

Ahh! It’s November! How did that happen? Time to start that Christmas shopping. I have vowed to myself that I will have it all done by December 6th. All. Of. It! And this year, I’m going to do it! You can do it too. Just follow these FIVE shopping tips and you’ll get there.

  1. Budget – First and foremost, start with a budget. Ask yourself; ‘What do I plan on spending on my kids?’ ‘What do I want to spend on my parents and in-laws?’ ‘Nieces and Nephews?’ ‘Teachers, neighbors, mailman?’ These questions need to be answered first before you even start to think about starting your holiday shopping. I have TEN nieces and nephews and I always like to get them a little something. Just a gift card for my said amount I’ve budgeted for is what I do. It makes it simple. ALWAYS stick to your budget. None of this, “Oh that scarf is cute and only $5, I’ll give it to so-and-so.”…even after you’ve already reached your budget for that person. Don’t do it. Stick to the budget.
  2. Lists – After you put together your budget, make your lists. Who are you buying for and what are you getting or making them? Put it down on paper. It makes it more definitive. No aimlessly scanning the aisles and adding things to your cart. You’ll find your self hiding gifts and forgetting who you got what. Write it down and stick with it!
  3. Don’t over think – We all tend to overthink things. Keep it simple. Gifting is a token from the heart. Your recipient is going to appreciate that you thought of them. You don’t need to do something lavish for every person. Again, make that decision, put it on your list, and go with it.
  4. Online shopping – I’m a HUGE lover of shopping online. Avoiding the crowds is the way to go. How could you not want to do that? I get all my gifts delivered to my door. There are so many free-shipping codes out there, I don’t even pay for shipping. I also get cashback for everything I spend using my Dubli Account. I’ve made almost $300.00 this year just ordering online like I normally would. It’s a WIN for me.
  5. Know When You’re Done – Here’s a problem most people have. They don’t seem to know when they’re done. Don’t add items you see to your cart in passing. You’ll start a spiral. Well I added some Pokemon cards to Alex’s gift, now I have to go spend $3 on every other kid I bought for. No. Once they’re off the list, they’re off the list. All of the sudden one kid has 10 gifts and the other has 6 gifts and now you’re off budget and out shopping again. Know when you’re done.

Hope this helps you through the chaos. Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “5 Holiday Shopping Tips

  1. #5 is my challenge: I always think, ooooh that’s a huge markdown, oh with 5 bucks more I will get free shipping and wow a pants for 3 bucks? add to cart!… although I know the huge markdown is because the item is “pre-historic” and therefore on sale, the 5 bucks are more than the 3.50 I have to pay for shipping and the pants for 3 bucks is not worth one :o(

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