Escaping the Chaos


Sometimes you just have to drive to the liquor store the next town over just because it’s going to take longer. That’s exactly what I did tonight.

My house was full of FIVE boys. Five boys ages 11 to 6. Five boys! Wait, actually it was six boys. How can I forget the man-boy husband? Six boys in my house. I was completely out numbered and it was so LOUD. I don’t do loud. Sure we have a busy house, but it’s not super loud. My insides were crawling. I just needed a moment of silence.

I told my husband I was going out to get a bottle of wine. I got in my car and sat in the driveway for a moment. Three deep breathes. I then drove right past the local liquor store and kept driving. I drove to the next town over and pulled into the parking lot. I just sat there in the dark silence. Ahhhhhh. So needed.

Then I got a text.

parenting text

Back to the battleground.

Sometimes we just need to take a minute. Where do you go hide out?

4 thoughts on “Escaping the Chaos

  1. Haha @ r ucoming back! Priceless!!

    5 boys! Oh no ma’am!!! You are brave!!

    Sometime you just need to drive!!

    I go to the supermarket, Starbucks or just to the parking lot across the street-lol!!

    What kind of wine did you get? Did you finish the bottle? Lol

  2. You should’ve replied…”Who is this?” ha ha ha ha

    Love this post! I do the same thing…sometimes it’s taking a “cone of silence” in the front courtyard of the house or driving the loooong way to TJ Maxx and wondering the aisles with an iced coffee just to decompress. Wine trips to the farthest possible corner of the earth are always a good idea. It’s about staying sane.

    Silence is golden and I don’t think I really appreciated it until I had kids.

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