Fitness Friday – No-Running Cardio

Where have I been? Okay, since my half marathon I’ve plopped my lazy self on the couch with my bruised toes. It’s awful. A full three weeks of nothing but one 3 mile run and a few squats and push-ups. Terrible. I’ve been in a rut. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? I did a quick 10-minute workout the other day and I could actually “feel” it. A workout I used to do all of the time on my “rest day.” I felt it. My quads, my triceps. Felt it all. THAT’s when I know I’m completely out of shape, and let me tell you that it happens quickly. Just a few weeks of being a sloth and I feel it.

So I’m getting back on track. I added a few new workouts to my Pinterest board to try out in an attempt to get me motivated and back on track. Finding new things really helps…even a new workout tank helps 🙂 I tried this 20 minutes cardio video this week. LOVED IT! It is a great no-equipment workout.


Type: Cardio

Target: Full body

Equipment: None

Moves: Jacks, jumping squats, burpee variations, plank jacks, mountain climbers variations, and more.

This video is definitely going into my arsenal for the winter months. It’s perfect. It gets the heart rate up quickly and strengthens the entire body. I love the full-body moves. Best of all, it’s a you-can-do-anywhere workout. At home or traveling on business, you don’t need a lot of room.


Do you have any go-to at-home workouts to share? I’d love to hear about them. Post them in the comments.

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