Tooth Fairy Duty Calls

Well Sunday night the little one pulled a tooth out while laying in bed. His FIRST! They were all beyond excited, I think mainly because it was yet another thing that delayed bedtime that night. Anything that delays bedtime is great in their book.

That night I anxiously waited for them to all fall asleep because I was exhausted. Tooth Fairy business is exhausting…luckily my husband had some cash is all I have to say. That would have been bad. Then into stealth mode I went, climbing over toys ever so carefully and hoping to not step barefoot on a Lego. Looking at his eyes half-open eyes, but still hearing his deep breathing. Is he sleeping? Is he playing me? The creaking of the wooden floor boards. The beast of a dog following me in. So much for stealth. At last I get my hand under the pillow. Where is the darn thing!? Inching further under his little head, at last I find it. Now for the swap. Ahh, he moved. Everyone stay very, very still. Holding my breath. 1, 2, 3…Done. Now to carefully find my way back out through the obstacle course. My job is done for the night. Success.

Then it happened again the very next night. Yes, the very next night. After getting them to bed a little late and telling them to get to sleep, no chatter, I heard some chaos brewing. Then the  stampede came down the stairs again. A six year old with another little tooth in his hand. What!? No. This can’t be. Again!?

finn lost tooth


Back to Tooth Fairy mode I go. And with all this chaos I forgot to move Sam the Elf. I claimed he must have gotten frightened of the Tooth Fairy or something.

All I want for Christmas is my two bottom teeth!

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  1. How cute!!!! You guys are the best parents ever, with the sweetest boys! I love you all so much❤️

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