A Saloon of Cowboy Bandits

saloon bandits

I came home the other night to a gang of cowboy bandits coming down the stairs challenging my husband to a dual. You can tell they recently watched the third installment of Back to the Future. They were using their best little accents. It was hysterical. Then they said they would be at the saloon and “reckon” I get them some “whiskey” before they rob my saloon. I had to a oblige. Out came the shot glasses and iced tea.

Now my husband, he’s just another kid, played right a long with them with all of the theatrics. Here’s a little clip of the action. Now this lasted for over and HOUR. Over an hour of the back and forth banter and flipping coins. I’m just sad I missed my middle child flipping a coin and it going right into my husband’s shot glass. He’ll do fine things in college. The other one will be “Jugging” instead of “Chugging” apparently.


My father might have a better chance at getting them to watch some Clint Eastwood than I thought.