Elfing This Week

Sam the Elf arrived the day after Thanksgiving as always. I’ve only forgot to move him once so far. That’s pretty good for a week and a half of Elfing around here. So what has he been up to that the kids have gotten a kick out of you ask?

Pretending to be Chris Pratt. They LOVED this one. My Jurassic World Nuts.

Indominus elf

Playing some Jenga…

jenga elf

Oh, and hanging in the freezer. He was quite the surprise when they went to get their waffles in the morning.


So what has your crazy, creepy elf been up to this season? Share your posts in the comments.



4 thoughts on “Elfing This Week

  1. Every night I move our elves and then take a picture, upload it to the blog and schedule as a post the next morning. It’s been the perfect tactic to help me to remember to move him. Ours have hidden in the cookie jar (after eating the cookies). They have read a couple books. Just search Daily Elf on my blog and you’ll find all 11 days šŸ˜€ Ours will hide in the freezer but only if there’s candy cane ice cream in there šŸ™‚ Love the Christ Pratt one! (I also like that you stamp your photos. I need to start doing that)

  2. I don’t have an elf. If I did, the cats would find him and toss him about and then when the dogs get to him…i’m afraid there’d be nothing left! Your photos are super cute and playful! šŸ™‚ Happy Christmas!ā€

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