A Sentimental Boy

I don’t know what has been up with my son. So many tears lately. Everything. Maybe it’s the phase of the moon, or possibly lack of sleep. He’s been emotional over everything. You’d think he was on Hallmark movie overload or something.

While decorating the Christmas tree he was pretty over the top. Now I’m all one for sentimental ornaments. I have ornaments that I’ve had since a child that have special meaning…but I don’t tear up over them. This kid was taking out ornaments and letting tears fall down his cheek. “I made this in preschool when Noah was my best friend.” You’d think he hadn’t seen Noah in years. Noah lives at the bottom of our street. They go to school together and play with each other at recess every day.

Then he pulled out an ornament that he bought at the 2nd grade ornament sale at school. No idea who made it, but, but, wait…I can’t hold back the tears.

Then he pulled out another one and clutched it to his heart. “I remember making this one in Kindergarten.” “Really?” I asked. We flipped it over and it had his brother’s name on it. “Oh Finnegan this is lovely. You did such a great job.”

And so went on our night of decorating the tree. I think I even thought I saw him shred another tear when Ralphie got his Red Rider bb gun.

Well he didn’t get it from my side of the family is all I have to say. However, some lucky girl will get this sweet sentimental man one day. He’s so full of LOVE.

deer allie

2 thoughts on “A Sentimental Boy

  1. My son went through a stage like that in Junior High. He actually told me “mom, I cry like a girl!” It must have been hormones or something because luckily it only lasted a few months, but he’s still sentimental. He has a porcelain Easter basket with glass eggs in it that belonged to his great grandmother, and it’s displayed in his room right next to his football gear….

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