10 Things to Do Every New Year

New Years

The start of a new year is here again. There are always a few things I like to do every new year to start things off right and get ready for the impending winter. It’s my little New Year’s to-do list.

  1. Change your fire alarm batteries.
  2. Clean out your pantry. Make sure to check expiration dates.
  3. Clean out medicine cabinets. Dispose of expired prescriptions safely.
  4. Restock your pantry with staple items. Here’s my 25 must-haves.
  5. Go through winter outerwear and donate what you don’t use.
  6. Stock up on rock salt.
  7. Update your copywrites.
  8. Go through your craft station. Dispose of bad markers, etc. A great project for the kids.
  9. Set some GOALS for the new year. Complete with a plan on achieving them.
  10. Make a charitable donation.

What’s on your New Year to-do list?