Fitness Friday – What To Wear In Winter

It’s back to that awful time of year where I have to bundle up for a run. Here are the top winter running essentials.


winter running

  • Fleece lined leggings. An absolute MUST.

  • Base layer long sleeve shirt.

  • Fleece lined jacket.

  • Gloves! So important for me with Raynauds. I even have to put hot packs in them.

  • A good hat. One with a thin fleece lining will help wick away the sweat.

  • Trail running shoes are a bonus for trucking through icy, slushy, snowy streets.

Happy Running! Bundle up!

What are your winter running essentials?

One thought on “Fitness Friday – What To Wear In Winter

  1. Here in the friendly freezing north, O’Canada, I just wear those cheap cotton 89 cent gloves. Easy to take off if my hands warm up and I need to shove them in a pocket. And at that price I don’t mind losing them. A good base layer shirt is a must, too. When it’s really cold (-15C or colder) I wear two shirts. I tend not to wear fleece though.

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