Using Social Media As a Motivator

We all get into ruts sometimes. We want to eat right and exercise and we do good for a while then flop. It’s sometimes hard to get back up again. Once you have flopped you start to spiral and you feel defeated. I’ve been there. My question is, how do you get out of that rut? What motivates you?

I turn to social media. I’m a visual person.


Pinterest is amazing. It has anything you could possibly need to  be inspired. From workouts and recipes to simple quotes. Everything! When I’m in a rut I go looking for new workouts. Simple ones that will help me get the ball rolling. Maybe it will just be 5 basic core moves or a cool music playlist, but the more I look at and the more I pin…the more inspired I am to get off my butt and move.

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I have a few Instagram accounts I like to follow; both food and fitness. thefitfoodguru, thebettyrocker, treningsfrue, myhealthydish_ to name a few. Sometimes a recipe will catch my eye, or seeing someone post that they’re working out will inspire me to put my running shoes on.

7 miler


You can find simple workout videos or even inspirational audio speeches that will motivate you. I follow PopSugar Fitness and always get a notification when they’ve posted a new video. I pin it and then try it out later. I now a full arsenal of workout videos for whatever  mood I’m in.


Like pages that are inspiring to you. Be it healthy foods, vegetarian recipes, fitness magazines, or even fitness apparel. Heck, getting some new workout clothes ALWAYS gives me a little boost. I know when I see friends post that they’re out running or hiking, it makes me want to get out there too. There are SO MANY great and inspiriting pages out there.



What’s your favorite motivation platform?

6 thoughts on “Using Social Media As a Motivator

  1. I use all the same platforms. I love my fitbit. I have made it my mission to get 10k steps a day. Then you can do challenges with friends on work weeks, weekends, and each day. I have posts about my journey… Its been rough starting back up….

    1. A Fitbit is such a GREAT motivator! Love that you get to compete each day against yourself.

    1. I’m really feeling the need to invest in one of these little gadgets. I’ll be the crazy person doing laps around the office to get those extra steps.

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