The Time I Took Video Games Away

The minute the words escaped my mouth I cringed. I started to panic. What was I saying? This would be a punishment for me as well. Why did I say it? I declared “No video games for a week!” A WEEK! Now I HAD to follow through. Oh, it was going to be torture, not just for them. As most moms do, I use video games as my way to get things done around the house. I’m not ashamed of it. I own it. They’re happy and contained and not asking me for anything. They’re not wrestling each other or claiming “I’m bored.” They’re not asking for snacks every two seconds. They’re in their happy place, and I’m in mine. What had I done?

I was truly worried for my sanity. But guess what? We all SURVIVED.

This is what happened.

They rediscovered their love for Play-Doh.

play play-doh

They played with the Legos.

play legos

The defeated their father in a Light Saber battle.

They colored in their coloring books that have been collecting dust.


They got book reports done. Finn completed a level of his reading program.

We played a little ping-pong.

play ping pong

The toys that I have been threatening to toss in a box and donate got played with.

The week was not the torture I anticipated. We lived to tell the tale. I still got things done around the house and no one killed each other. After the first couple of days they stopped whining about it and were happy kids playing with their toys. Imagine that!


What would happen in your household?


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  1. Good on you for sticking to what you said you’d do! We have an iPad-free week every now and then, our eldest sometimes even gets excited and tells us all the different activities he’ll do and games he’ll play when we have an iPad-free week!

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