Fitness Friday – Kelly Ripa Arms

ripa arms
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Let’s face it, Kelly Ripa’s arms are Ripa-Ripped!!! I’ve always envied those sleek, tone arms. I want them! They’re amazing!

photo credit: USmagazine
photo credit: USmagazine

I mean look at them! Who would not want those arms!? They’re not waving along with her hand. Those things are solid! Well guess what, you can get Kelly Ripa-Ripped arms too!  This is a 10 minute arm video with Kelly’s trainer, Anna Kaiser. I’ll tell you right now, that getting those arms is going take hard work. My shoulders were SCREAMING before she even introduced weights into the workout. My goal is to get through the entire thing without pausing for a break.

Kelly Ripa Arms


What to Expect:
      Plank work
      Compound moves
      Full body work that really hits the core
      Burning shoulders

Will you try it?

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