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See Me

Well I haven’t done a book post in quite a while. The kids are reading their own books and I’ve been drowning in the Outlander series. FINALLY, finished booked four! After that I needed a little break from the kilts so I turned to good ole’ Nicholas Sparks. He’s never failed me. Well actually, twice. Twice he’s failed me, but 2 out of 20 isn’t bad. I grabbed his newest novel, See Me, and devoured it. Yes, DEVOURED. Like trying to read a few pages while making lunches.

I love that he can bring together two completely different characters and make them fit together. Now I TOTALLY pictured Priyank Chopra and Jake Mclaughlin of Quantico throughout the entire book. Honestly, I think that just maybe Nicholas was watching Quantico when he started to describe these characters. You have the beautiful and intelligent Maria, a young lawyer from a Latin family. Deep family roots where extended family is the same as immediately family. Then you have Colin. He was a troubled child moved from one military school to another with terrible rage issues and a troubled past, who’s been trying to turn himself around. Handsome as anything, going to college at he age of 28, and practicing MMA fighting. Hunky. Wow, sorry for the total 80s reference. He rarely even speaks to his family never mind sees them. They’re just from very different backgrounds.

Well, like all Nicholas Spark books, the two of them start to fall in LOVE. However, things get a little challenging and dangerous when Maria’s past revisits. A series of menacing threats not only stir up fear in Maria, but Colin is finding it hard to keep his rage in check, which could lead him to prison and the new life he’s working on will be gone. It’s got love, mystery, and even some humor. You know there’s always a good sidekick, right. Lily and Evan are hysterical, along with Maria’s sister Serena.

All in all, I loved this book. It was everything I would expect from a Nicholas Sparks book. If you’re looking for a little love and suspense, this one was a page-turner. Enjoy!

What have you been reading?