Fitness Friday – HIIT with Rosante

Hi guys! Happy FRIDAY!

I just wanted to share with you what I tried this week. I found myself a new Adam Rosante video and I just had to try it. Although I’ve dubbed him the Push-up King, I still enjoy his workouts. They push me a little out of my comfort zone and he’s super encouraging. He talks a lot. A real must be the Italian thing, so this is definitely NOT a workout I would do in the morning. I prefer silent morning workouts. This one was a great after work video. It’s only 20 minutes.

20 Minute HIIT with Adam Rosante

What You Need:

5-10 pounds weights, a mat, and either a partner or a piece of furniture to hold your feet when doing sit-ups.

What To Expect:

A quick warm up followed by two HIIT circuits. Three moves, three times each. Then a quick 1 minute cardio followed by a rest…then leading into the second circuit. This is a full-body workout. Goblet squats, burpees, high-knees, and weighted crunches to name a few. The key to this workout is to do as many reps as you can during the 60 second intervals. Go at your own pace.

If you would like to check out a couple other Adam Rosante workouts I’ve tried, there is this 30 minutes boot camp one, and then there is this intense 10 minute boot camp one and this one.


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