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The Book Shelf – The Dragon Masters Series

My son has been devouring the Dragon Masters series by Tracey West. He is anxiously waiting for the fifth installment to be released in April. Anxious, as in he actually asked if it was out yet. You see as much as I LOVE to read and I read to my kids every night when they were little, once they started school….they stopped loving it. However, the Dragon Masters series is something my son really likes. It makes reading less of a “chore” to him. Just saying that kills me. But, he actually doesn’t whine when I say it’s time to read when it’s a Dragon Masters book.

Dragon Masters by Tracey West

My son LOVES dragons and each book focuses on a different dragon.

Book #1: Rise of the Earth Dragon

Book #2: Saving the Sun Dragon

Book #3: Secret of the Water Dragon

Book #4: Power of the Fire Dragon

Book #5: Song of the Poison Dragon (releases April 26th)


Seeing I personally didn’t read the series, I can’t tell you too much. All I know is that the main character is Drake. Drake ends up being placed in dragon training school by the king. There he meets friends and together they have adventures and learn about magic and dragons, while fulfilling their destiny of becoming dragon masters. So if you’re child loved  How to Train Your Dragon or anything involving dragons and magic, they’ll like this series. I often hear my son laughing from the other room. He says the wizard it pretty funny. It took me long time to find something my son would truly enjoy to read, and this was it. I just had to share.

What are some of your child’s favorite books?

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  1. My son is 8. He has struggled with reading. We recently discovered the Dragon Masters’ series, and he loves them. It’s so great to watch your son, who once avoided reading, read for hours.

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