There is something about getting rid of things that just makes me feel oh so good. Either by donating stuff or throwing things away, or even re-purposing something, it all makes me happy. A full curb on trash day makes me giddy. It not only declutters my house but it declutters my mind, and there is way too much crap in there already.

too much stuff

We had a really productive week. Big Brothers and Big Sisters came by and pickup a ton of clothes and toys we’ve outgrown. I love knowing they’re going to make someone else happy. Although, the boys don’t know half of what was in those boxes…they’ll survive. I couldn’t even let my husband look, he’s just as bad as the kids. I was really proud of my oldest for picking out a few things that I thought he’d make us hold on to forever. Adios Spike the dinosaur. We just gained 3 square feet of living space back! Happy dance!

Saturday, my husband finally got some stuff out to the curb from our bathroom renovation. I was thrilled when he sent me a text to say some guy came and picked it all up to scrap the metal. Again, helping others with our crap. Bonus.

Then I got rid of an old dresser that had been taking up a ton of room. Who cares if I have to keep linens in a bin until the closet is finished. I’ll survive.

I ditched the kids bookcase they broke and used another piece of furniture that was just holding old DVDs (Note to self: search Pinterest for clever DVD storage). They LOVE their new book shelf that is “perfectly organized” just how I like it. Organizing chaos is my HAPPY! Seriously. The Container Store to me is like Toys R Us to my 8 year old.

So we made a really good dent this week and hopefully this  momentum continues. Little by little I hope to minimize and organize.

How does purging stuff make you feel?
I’d love to hear some of your best organizing tips. Comment below.



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    1. I go back through everything after I put them to bed. Some things I pack away for a few months and see if they ask for them…then they’re gone.

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