Paint & Vino with Mom

Ever throw something on your list of things you want to do and then just never get around to doing it? My mom and I have been wanting to do a Paint & Vino night with my aunt and cousin for what seems like FOREVER. Well, we finally did it!

We had so much fun. Now I haven’t put a paintbrush to canvas since I was a freshman in college. I didn’t know how well this was going to go. However, they made it really easy. Even kids were doing it (not the vino part of course). So even if you’re not the most creative and artistic person, you CAN still do this. If you haven’t heard of Paint & Vino yet, I’ll tell you a little about it. You pay a fee and are provided with a canvas, brushes, paint, tickets for a glass of wine, and an instructor. The same painting is done by everyone in attendance. The instructor goes through step by step, making it super easy.

pain and vino night

We laughed a TON! My aunt’s little people looked like they were getting a little naughty on their snowy walk. My cousin and I were dying. Tears in the eyes hysterical. Now this particular event was put together to benefit Team Ben’s help in raising money for the American Heart Association. They had a raffle and it was very well put together. Over 100 painters in attendance.

paint and vino

We can wait to do this again! Have you ever been to a Paint & Vino night?

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