Fitness Friday – An Office Workout

Sitting behind a desk all day is AWFUL! Honestly, it is so bad for your health. Not only is it bad for posture and creates physical ailments, but it also slows your metabolic levels and puts you at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. It’s so important to move. Now I’m not talking just going for a walk at lunch. You need to get up frequently and stretch, take a spin around the office, or do some exercises. You should be standing up every half an hour. Even if it’s while reading a report or talking on the phone. STAND UP!

Here are a few of my tips that I use daily at the office.

  • Stand up and stretch.
  • Do a few arm circles.
  • Walking lunges to a co-worker’s desk (yes, you’ll be the weird one at the office).
  • Desk pushups (put your hands on the desk or a counter, knock out a few pushups).
  • Jumping jacks.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Wall sits.
  • Squats or lunges.
  • Abdominal twists while standing.

All of these will help keep that blood moving. You just have to remember to get up! Don’t forget to hydrate too!

Office Workout



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