Money Monopoly Game At McDonald’s is BACK! #MoneyMonopoly

McDonald Money Monopoly (1)

The Money Monopoly Game is back at McDonald’s! I remember playing as a kid and now my kids get to play it too. Have you started collecting game pieces yet? Money Monopoly has been a fan favorite of customers since 1987! This year, McDonald’s is giving away over 100 million CASH  and FOOD PRIZES – the odds are 1 in 4 will win.

My guys were so excited to head to our local McDonald’s in East Greenwich, RI with the McClelland crew from Mom Generations. All together we had eight kids participating in a Monopoly Game Night; SEVEN boys and one adorable little girl. They had a wonderful time actually playing Monopoly and eating their favorite McDonald’s menu items.

Game Night McDonalds

For those of you who have never played the McDonald’s Money Monopoly Game, it’s super easy and a ton of fun. Just visit any McDonald’s near you and order any of these NINE items.

Big Mac // Filet-O-Fish // Hash Browns// 21 oz. Cold Beverage // McMuffin // Biscuit // 10-pc. Chicken McNuggets // 20-pc. Chicken McNuggets (*Special Double Game Piece) // 6 oz. Fries (*Special Double Game Piece)

Money Monopoly

Each of the above menu items come with Peel & Play games pieces. Many are INSTANT WINNERS! We won a medium french fry off our 10 piece Chicken McNuggets, and the McClelland crew won a few too! The odds of being an INSTANT WINNER are one and four. That’s great!!

mcdonalds smile

The kids were ALL SMILES over their INSTANT WINS!

McD game night

Then there are the COLLECT & WIN games pieces. These are Money Monopoly property pieces. Collect a full property set and win CASH! My boys were putting all their pieces together in hopes of winning some cash!

McDonald Money Monopoly (2)

You can also Enter online ( for a chance to win $50,000! You enter the Online Code on your Game Piece to register your property (every online code is an entry), for your chance to win. One winner is chosen each week for the $50,000!

Money Monopoly runs from March 29, 2016-April 25, 2016. Don’t miss out!

Good LUCK!!


Disclosure: This was a sponsored game night with McDonald’s. All opinions are my own.


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