Fitness Friday – 25 Fit Family Activities

Fit family activities

Looking for some family activities to do that will keep you and your family fit and having fun together? Getting out and staying active is so important to me. There are so many different things you could do as a family.

  1. Enter a family-friendly 5K together like the Color Run

  2. Play basketball

  3. Go hiking

  4. Canoeing or kayaking

  5. Evening walks

  6. Beach strolls

  7. Laser tag

  8. Roller skating

  9. Make an obstacle course in your yard

  10. Rock climbing gym

  11. Family swim

  12. Dance party

  13. Ping pong

  14. Soccer

  15. Batting cages

  16. Tennis

  17. Local track

  18. Ride bikes

  19. Water-balloon fight

  20. Nerf battle

  21. Flag football

  22. Trampoline park

  23. Relay races

  24. Game of freeze tag

  25. Volleyball or badminton

How do you stay active with your family?