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The Bookshelf – The Hardy Boys: The Secret Files

I’ve been trying to find some new books for my middle son. He and my oldest have different interests so a lot of the chapter books I have to hand down are not among his favorites. I was trying to think of some classics and The Hardy Boys came to mind. Then I came across a new series (well new to me) The Hardy Boys: The Secret Files, by original Hardy Boys author, Franklin DixonThey’re Hardy Boys books with a little more of a modern twist. I decided to start with The Hardy Boys: Trouble at the Arcade for my little video game junkie. As soon as he saw it he was excited. Now that NEVER happens!

hardy boys arcade

This series follows two brothers; Frank (age 9) and Joe (age 8) Hardy, as they go on adventures and solve mysteries just like their detective dad. In this book, someone at the arcade steals the cash box, and Frank and Joe try to solve the mystery.

I think that mystery was the way to go with my son. It keeps him engaged and actually WANTING to read the next chapter. Next up is Hopping Mad and Mystery Map.

Deacon Hardy Boys

What are your kids reading?


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    1. Everyone loves a good mystery, right? I just purchased book 2 last night.

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