A Natural

He’s been so excited to start baseball. He played t-ball a couple of years ago and wasn’t too into it. We waited a couple years and now he’s ready. He’s seriously comical. The day of his first practice he said to me, “I need to practice my catching and throwing, but I can bat already. I’m going to rip it out of the park!” And he was thoroughly amused to get his first set of boxer briefs with a built in cup. “So cool! Storage for my jewels!” He then put them on and continued to knock on the cup while running through the house to show his big brothers. I’ve done nothing but laugh and cheer the past week.

Aside from being comical, he’s actually a pretty good ball player. 4 for 4 hits his first game, and 3 for 3 his second game. I just might survive baseball season.