Heard from the Backseat: Episode 7

humor from the backseat

D: “Mom, when do you get to see Luke Bryan with the invitations Grammie and Pop gave you?”

Me: “In July. I can’t wait!!”

D: “I bet he sings right to you because you’re the prettiest girl there. Dad will be jealous.”

Me: “Probably not Buddy, but thank you. So…what is it you want?”

L: “Oh, you must want something to say that!!”

D: “Nothing.”

D: “Well, can we get McDonalds?”

F: “I kissed you on the lips! So now we’re married! he, he, he”

F: “Uncle Jimmy got the new Far Cry for PS4.”

D: “We can’t watch him play it. It’s got inappropriate things.”

F: “Yeah, boobies!”

D: “Yeah, in stage 1!” (apparently stage one means naked)

Never a dull moment. They keep me laughing.

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