3 Day Quote Challenge on Parenting: Day 2

I was recently challenged by Go Mama O to participate in a 3 Day Quote Challenge on Parenting. Cathy writes a great little blog on the adventures of parenting and balancing it all. Bounce on over there and check her out. She shared 3 really great quotes. Kahlil Gibran is one of my favorites!

For Day 2, I’m sharing one of my favorite sayings. I remember my Gram saying it. “A little dirt never hurt.” Yes, yes, yes! Get out there and play. Get dirty. When I see my kids dirty from head-to-toes, eyes are sparkling , and smiles on their faces, my heart is happy. And into the shower they go.


Here are my 3 nominees for this 3-day challenge. Just post a favorite quote for 3 consecutive days and nominate three others to do the same!

  1. Parenting is Funny
  2. Explore Newness
  3. All In A Dad’s Work

To be honest, I don’t normally do these little challenges, but I really like this one.  What are some of your favorite “parenting” quotes? Share in the comments.