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3 Day Quote Challenged on Parenting: Day 3

I was recently challenged by Go Mama O to participate in a 3 Day Quote Challenge on Parenting. Cathy writes a great little blog on the adventures of parenting and balancing it all. Bounce on over there and check her out. She shared 3 really great quotes. Kahlil Gibran is one of my favorites!

For Day 3, “Let them be Little.” I have to remind myself once in a while. It goes way too fast. Go on adventures, play tea-party, have water balloon fights…whatever it is they want to do because they’re only little once. Then it’s gone. Although I am anticipating some epic Super Soaker battles with my boys when they’re teens, it just won’t be the same.

let them be little

Here are my 3 nominees for this 3-day challenge. Just post a favorite quote for 3 consecutive days and nominate three others to do the same!

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