Fitness Friday – Just Cartwheel

Cartwheels. I love them! Always have. You’d catch me doing cartwheels in the middle of a soccer game, in my living room, and all over the yard all of time. Seriously, ask my parents. Even when I would babysit we would be cartwheeling everywhere. Unfortunately I busted my dad’s nose one time cartwheeling while playing bocce. Since then, I’ve been a little more mindful and cautious when I get that urge to flip.  I STILL love cartwheels. Occasionally you’ll catch me doing a cartwheel in my kitchen, with bent legs so I don’t hit the light. It just makes me feel good. Maybe it’s the rush of blood to my head. You might just catch me doing a cartwheel in the school yard on the last day of school. YAHOO! No more homework and making lunches!

Now with all this cartwheel love, I never really thought about how beneficial cartwheels are. Maybe because now I’m and old lady and can feel every muscle the move entails, I’m a little more aware. Cartwheels incorporate balance, flexibility through the calves and hamstrings, and strength in your shoulders and core. Reversing the flow of gravity flushes fresh nutrients to your face, scalp, and glands. They’re wonderful! They rock your entire body.Go give it a try. You’re never too old for a cartwheel (sort of).


3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Just Cartwheel

  1. I recently got my kids hula hoops. Naturally, they wanted to see what their momma’s got. I’m not bad, surprisingly! And what an ab workout! I’m surprised more people don’t hula for exercise as adults.

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