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The Bookshelf – Who Do You Love: Jennifer Weiner

I needed a little break from the Frasers in Outlander. Those books are SO long!! Anywho, I decided to catch myself up on some Jennifer Weiner. I’ve read all of her books. The last few haven’t impressed me, but I wanted to give this one a try. Who Do You Love? Well I’ll tell you what, I LOVED it. I think this is the best one since In Her Shoes. I couldn’t put it down.

who do you love

It starts with Rachel who spends a lot of her childhood in a hospital due to congenital heart condition. While hiding out in the ER waiting room, hoping to see some good drama to report to her friend (their form of soap operas), she meets a boy, Andy, who is there with a broken arm and no parents. The two eight year olds share a moment together. She eases his nerves until his mother arrives. Neither of them ever forgetting that night.

Nearly a decade later, in true Harry Met Sally fashion, they meet again. They’re both from entirely different worlds, but share a memory of that one night in the ER. Despite their differences, they fall in love. But no good book could end right there. As Rachel and Andy grow, they grow apart. You’ll find yourself turning each page hoping that they find each other again as the years go by.

So if you’re looking for a good romance, I highly recommend this one. You’ll find yourself caught up in their love story from page one.

What have you read this Summer?

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  1. I read and thoroughly enjoyed “The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine”, which is #16 in Alexander McCall Smith’s The #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series starring Precious Ramotswe. It’s set in Botswana. McCall Smith was born in Africa and began writing the series in order to show readers a completely different Africa from the one we always hear about in the news. Botswana is a stable country, and Precious describes it in loving terms as she goes along solving the mysteries people bring to her. Every book is so interesting and entertaining. Thanks for recommending your book. It sounds wonderful, and I will look for it!

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