Sometimes a Bad Day Just Needs A Little Ariel

Last week was one hell of a week at work. Every single day just plain sucked. Thursday was just full of aggravation, deep breathing, and counting the minutes until I could pour a glass of wine. By 2:3o I was ready to start throwing pens like I was at darting practice. But then my husband saved me with a simple email. He said our youngest wanted to take a nice cold tub because it was so hot. He grabbed his goggles and got the tub all by himself. My husband suddenly heard singing coming from the bathroom. “Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah, ahh…” Which was then followed by giggles. He went into the bathroom to find this.



Our own little Ariel. He was in hysterics. I nearly spit out my iced coffee. I got through my next two hours and 2o minutes with a smile.

This parenting gig isn’t so bad. They have the ability to brighten up a really bad day with their simple, innocent, silliness unlike any glass of wine or cold beer could possibly do. A true blessing. Everyone could use a little Ariel in their day, right?

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