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The Rustic Drive-in

I usually start summer with a “Summer Bucket List.” I even did this as a kid. At the start of summer I make a list or mental note of things I’d like to do during summer. On the list this year was take the kids to the drive-in movie theater. This has also been on “My Bucket List” for quite some time. We have a really old drive-in theater here in Rhode Island, and I’ve lived here my entire life and have NEVER been. So when my husband suggested we go with some friends I was really excited.

rustic drive in

Driving in is like going through a time-warp back to the 50s. I kept picturing Grease. Although now there aren’t any speaker boxes, the sound comes right through your FM radio. The kids got a kick out of it. It was only $27 a car load and it was a double feature. Ice Age Collision Course and The Secret Life of Pets. The kids wanted to see both so we stayed. So that’s $27 to see TWO movies for a family of FIVE. Such a  great deal! I drop $50 at the regular theater. We packed our cooler and brought all our own snacks and drinks. Such a budget-friendly family activity.

rustic drive-in (2)

There are a few of these places throughout New England so I recommend you check to see if there is one near you. Locations

Now as far as the films go. Ice Age was okay and we LOVED The Secret Life of Pets.

So what have you checked off your Summer Bucket List?