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Hasselback Zucchini and Bunny Tales

I usually have an absolute abundance of zucchini by this time in the summer. I’m always looking for some new recipes to try. HOWEVER, we had a little garden mishap this year while we were away for a few days. We got back from a mini-vacation and my youngest said he would go and water the vegetables for me…because he’s just that awesome. Well, he came running inside saying something TERRIBLE happened!!! “Benjamin ate all your plants,” he screamed. Benjamin? Who the hell is Benjamin you ask? Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Then I remembered that there’s been a bunny wondering around the neighborhood. Apparently Finn named him Benjamin.

So this Benjamin took free reign over the garden while the “guard dog” was away. Possible revenge from the Bunny Massacre of 2015. Bad dog…but that’s another story. Mr. Benjamin Bunny ate all the leaves off my cucumber plants, killing them. Then he proceeded to eat all the zucchini leaves and the budding zucchinis that I was just waiting to get to the perfect size. I was crushed. Finn suggested that we plant carrots in a separate part of the yard next year so “Benjamin can have his own food source.” He’s bright.

garden benjamin

So although I didn’t get ANY zucchini this year, I still wanted to share a little zucchini recipe with you all. Light up your grill and head over to Mom Generations for this fantastic Hasselback Zucchini Recipe.

Hasselback Zucchini