Fitness Friday – Ninja Warrior Time

I was scrolling through my emails and I saw one from the kids’ Cub Scout Pack about a Ninja Warrior Night. I knew immediately that it would be something my kids would love to try. Truthfully, I may have been excited about it too. Lucky for me, the invitation was for the entire family.

It was a blast! We headed to Laid Back Fitness in Warwick, Rhode Island. They had all sorts of physically challenging obstacles set up.


There were rope climbs, a Tarzan swing, monkey bars, rings, swinging bars, and other obstacles. We were given an hour to try everything out and then they set up an actual obstacle course for us all to do.

ninja climb


The Wall was among the favorites of all the kids.

ninja wall


This kid kept trying, and trying, and trying…I’m a little sad that I wasn’t videoing when he FINALLY reached that cowbell.

I had my own Tarzan moment and was playing on the rings, swinging from one to the next imagining I was Jane. Little did I know that apparently I hadn’t used those muscles since my high school gymnastics days. Lets just say I had to call my husband into the kitchen the next night because I could not extend my arm far enough to reach the my wine glass in the cabinet. Ouch.

All in all it was a really fun experience. I love doing “Fit” things with my family. No screens. Getting sweaty, having fun, and laughing. The kids can’t wait to go back.

What “fit’ activities do you enjoy with your family?

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