Wanted: Full-Time Tooth Fairy

I don’t know if it’s due to the heat wave or what, but these boys have been losing teeth left and right over here. Tooth Fairy is running full-time. My wallet is stacked with dollar bills like I’m ready to hit a strip club. It’s rather embarrassing when I open it to pay for my morning coffee. The oldest kid hides his tooth so far under his pillow it takes all my matrix skills to retrieve. I was literally sweating last week trying sneak behind the backside of the bunk-bed with my face wedged up against the wall and my arm extending as far as physically possible. Who’s idea was it to have children put their teeth UNDER their pillow anyway? Seriously. Can’t there just be a “tooth jar” in a common area of the house where the tooth fairy can make the exchange. Sounds like a drug deal to me.

toothless mcshanes


We’re going to have a house of Toofless boys before school starts.