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Our Visit to Santa’s Village: Jefferson, NH

We’ve been meaning to take the kids to Santa’s Village for the past few years and we FINALLY made it there this summer. I still remember going as a kid and it was important to me that my boys enjoyed that same experience. Well the park is 100 times better than it was when I was a kid. The boys LOVED it! We had an absolutely wonderful time. We spent a full day there and got out just in time before the rain came.

I’m pretty sure we hit every ride there was. They even did the roller coaster and begged to go on again. The park is great and well laid out. The splash pad area and rides for the younger kids are on one side of the park. It makes it easy to navigate. Our kids were old enough/tall enough to go on every ride. Finn was a 1/2 inch shy and just needed to be accompanied on a couple of rides.

cupcake chair Finn

They LOVED these cupcake chairs!!

cupcake chair deac

My middle child insisted on going on the Ferris Wheel himself. As we waited in line my husband and I advised him that  it was a bad idea. However, being a Leo he’s quite stubborn. When we were finally ready to board he quickly changed his mind and went with dad. I must say, that with all the fast and thrilling rides…the kids were most freaked out by the Ferris Wheel. But as you can see, the view was AMAZING!!

boys ferris wheel

My hands have been a little shaky snapping this shot too.

ferris wheel

We all went down this ginormous You Tube slide. It’s moments like that when I really want to invest in a GoPro. A little thank you to my friend for getting these great shots of us all.

U tube

There were so many rides and we hit them all. Among their favorites was the Chimney Drop, The Himalaya, and Rudy’s Rapid Transit Coaster. Oh, and we can’t forget the newest park attraction, the Poogee Penguin Spin Out. We had to ride that one a few times. So much fun! And of course a park trip is not complete without ending it off getting wet on The Flume. The boys had no idea what they were in for.


All in all it was an amazing family day. With working full time I don’t get to have as much Summer FUN with the boys as I would like. This special trip took away a little bit of that mommy guilt, even if it was only for a few days.

santas village fam