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Don’t Rock the Boat: And The Storm of Misfortune

dont rock the boat

We had an little impromptu game night a couple weeks ago. We had gotten into the summer routine of watching movies nearly every night and I needed to change it up. I popped some popcorn and broke out some of our favorite games. We started with one of our newer games, Don’t Rock The Boat. It’s a super cute and fun game for the entire family. The object is to get as many pirate penguins onto the boat without it tipping. It gives you that Jenga anxiety. You can stand them on the boat, in the crows nest, or hang them on the edges. Just DON’T ROCK THE BOAT!

boat penguin


Every time Deacon would place on a Penguin the boat would tip. His brother, in good brotherly fashion, dubbed him The Storm of Misfortune and made sure to rub it in his face each and every time. The stubborn Storm of Misfortune finally took a couple of pointers from mom and we had quite an exciting game as you can see.


And how the Storm DID change.

We followed up game night with some Connect 4, another family favorite. We had quite the tournament. Unfortunately, I taught them too well and now they’re really hard to beat!

What are some of your family’s favorite games?

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