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Morning Park Dates

monkey boys

One of my favorite weekend activities is having a morning park date with my boys. I always look forward to a free Saturday morning where we can load up in the car and stop by Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a coffee and some breakfast treats. Now that Fall is here, we get to enjoy all the Dunkin’ Fall treats, which are my kids’ favorites by the way!! They’re crazy over all that is PUMPKIN, and they love the bold colored Fall Harvest donut. They get one every chance they get.

harvest donut

My personal favorite is the Pumpkin Muffin. I wait patiently for it every season. The streusel and the drizzle of icing on top, I just can’t resist it.  Paired with my iced coffee and a park bench, I’m one happy mom watching her kids play.

pumpkin muffin

They hit the monkey bars, the swings, and most often pretend they’re pirates, but they always return later for a treat. Finnegan LOVES the pumpkin Munchkins® donut hole treats. Last week he asked if we could get a box of ALL pumpkin. Can’t blame him. I had to sneak a few myself.

pumpkin munchkin

These are definitely my favorite kinds of mornings. I’m dubbed “Best Mom” because not only did they get to have a great time playing at the park, but they also got delicious Dunkin’ treats to go with it. I’m just super happy they’re happy and playing out in the fresh air. It makes for a wonderful start of the day.



What do you like to do with a free Saturday morning? Do you have a favorite Pumpkin treat?



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts, but all opinions and pumpkin love are 100% my own.




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