Fall TV!!

I’m so behind in posts!!! Fall TV is back this week. Yes, THIS week! I usually have this post up well beforehand, but it is what it is. You know I take my Fall TV seriously. I have my list with premiere dates all ready, DVR set, and I even re-watched most of the finales so I remember where we left off.


So what’s NEW this fall? I really only came across one show that I wanted to check out and did so last night. The Good Place starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. I forking loved it. For those of you who have tuned in, you’ll get that one. The premise: Kristen Bell’s character dies a tragic, embarrassing, and comedic death and ends up in “the GOOD place” accidentally. Her presence there is throwing everything out of wack so she needs to learn to be a GOOD person or go to “the BAD place.” It looks like it’s going to be funny. The first episode was.

Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

Now for Wednesday nights. What’s back:

Photo Credit: Just Jared Jr
Photo Credit: Just Jared Jr

The Goldbergs (9/21) – I love sMother-ing Beverly and all the 80’s nostalgia. I can’t wait to see what they come up with this season.

Modern Family (9/21) – NYC, Mexico, and Missouri. Can’t wait to see what they were up to this summer. Cam and Mitch were sharing custody of Lily between California and Missouri. The Dunphy clan did a new kind of “Family Camp” in NYC. Did Andy accept his dream job in Utah?

Blackish (9/21) – Always a great laugh. That Diane cracks me up every time.

And then Thursdays.

I’m still a little upset that they’ve screwed up my Thursday shows. Vampire Diaries is moved to Friday. Scandal and The Originals are not coming back until February! sigh

Photo Credit: ABC

Greys Anatomy (9/22) – Oh the DRAMA!!! 13 years and still running. What is going to happen to Alex? I see a new love triangle between Meredith, Riggs, and Maggie. Then there’s April and Jackson. What’s going to happen there?

How To Get Away With Murder (9/22) – This one is hard to keep up with. Who killed Wes’ dad?

Friday Night

Photo Source: TV Line Courtesy of The CW
Photo Source: TV Line Courtesy of The CW

Still mad. Friday night is family night. Now I have to DVR my Vampire Diaries (10/21) Yup, my teenager show. No shame here people. None at all. My hope for this season is that Nina Dobrev comes back for just the finale seeing this is the LAST season. We’ll see. Fangs crossed. This season will deliver an off-the-rails Damon along with Enzo. Should be interesting. If I recall correctly, Bonnie is still dying. Not sure. Need to re-watch before October.


One of my favorite nights.

Photo Credit: ABC

Once Upon A Time (9/25) – The Evil Queen is back now that she is separated from Regina. Lana Parilla is freaking amazing! One thing about this show that I love is that they are always introducing new characters, and they have quite the line up this season. Hopefully, Hook and Emma can stay happy for a bit. Love me some Hook!

Quantico (9/25) – Well,  now we have the CIA and the FBI. Not sure what is up for this season, my only hope is that Ryan shaves that beard.

Other shows I’ll catch up on: Mom (10/27), 2 Broke Girls (10/10) and Fresh Off the Boat (10/11)

What shows are you looking forward to this Fall? Do you have an all-time FAVORITE?

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  1. I saw a couple of the preview shows and Speechless looks pretty good and so does American Housewife. I look forward to the fall TV season so much, I make my kids go to bed at 7:30.

    1. Ha! I used to do the same thing! I warned them on the way to school this morning that it was Thursday (mom’s tv night).

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