Fitness Friday – Buddy System

I sincerely believe that the key to any fitness goal success is the buddy system.  You have that constant motivation, even when you’re both hating your workout, you push through. Your job is to support that person, and their job is to support you. A balance. Accountability. Encouragement.

My best friend moved to New York over a decade ago so running Finish for a Guinness this year with her was a gift. Both of us hadn’t run in a while but we encouraged each other the entire way. We finished in under 30 minutes. No PRs this year but it was a great time.


Having that someone is so beneficial. It doesn’t mean you have to workout together each and every day, but check in with each other. For a while a friend and I would check in with each other every day to say, Hey, I did this workout today and this is what I plan for tomorrow. On weekends we would workout together. We stayed on track for a VERY long time. If one of us missed a workout we would bust each other up, challenge one another, and encourage one another to fit at least 10 minutes in before going to bed. If you know you have to check in with someone you’re more apt to get it DONE.

So find that Buddy. I swear it helps!!