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EASY for Kids, Monster Pops


Looking for an easy “cake pop” hack. You’ve come to the right place.

My kids wanted to make “cake pops.” Well… I’m not a cake pop kind of mom. It’s too much fuss. There was no way I was buying another pan or appliance for the kitchen, so I cheated and they LOVED them! I took the easy way out and bought some donut hole treats. I grabbed some green chocolate melts and some candy eyes and we had Monster Pops. The kids had a ton fun and it was super EASY.


  •  Donut Hole Treats

  • Chocolate Melts

  • Pop Sticks

  • Candy Eyes



Simply melt the chocolate according to the directions and roll the donuts in. Make sure to apply the eyes while before the chocolate hardens.


What are some of your favorite kitchen hacks? Share in the comments.

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