My Special Date

Last week I had a full day and night with my youngest. My husband took the two older boys to scout camp so it was just Finn and I. I thought he would be a little upset about not joining his brothers, but he wasn’t. He could not wait to get mom all to himself. He even taunted my husband saying, “Hey dad, I’m sleeping in your bed with your honey.”

I let him decide what we were going to do for the day. He decided we’d start with roller-skating. We spent our morning at the rink, before all the crowds got there. I can’t stand that place when it’s crowded. He insisted that I skate with him so I obliged. It brought back so many memories. I used to live in my skates. I’d even play restaurant in our kitchen and serve my parents coffee and treats.


We followed up our date with taking Grammie on a lunch date. His first thought was McDonald’s, and then he thought twice. “Only the best for my ladies,” he said as he opened the car door for Gram. To the sushi place we went where he devoured his favorite steamed pork dumplings. ALL OF THEM!! He then proceeded to let the bus boy know that they were a TEN. “The best in town.” He topped it off with a giant bowl of vanilla ice cream…which was also a TEN.


He got to play some video games without having to taking turns with his brothers. I got some cleaning done, and then we settled in for a movie (his choice of course). By the end of the night he was stuffed full of popcorn… because again, he did not have to share with his brothers. He slept on dad’s side of the bed and we slept in late the next morning. Perfection. He felt like a King.


I really need to snag some more of this one-on-one time with them. My husband and I say it all the time. We have good intentions, but rarely deliver. We need to make it a priority now while they still want to hang out with us. It was such a special day.