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Fitness Friday – 5 Immune Boosting Foods

Well like it or not cold and flu season is upon us. First things first, prevention. Wash those hands people! Another great tip is loading up on immune boosting foods. I did the research for you. Here are the top 5 that are super easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

Greens: Kale & Spinach

Dark green leafy veggies are full of vitamin C. These nutrient packed veggies help regenerate antioxidants in the body. Try this delicious recipe for Kale Soup. It’s a family favorite.

kale soup

Here’s another one of my favorite kale recipes.


Carrots. We’ve always heard they were great for your eyesight, but that beta carotene also supports a healthy mucus membrane in both the respiratory system and the intestines. My favorite way to cook carrots is to roast them with olive oil, dill, salt & pepper.


Cruciferous Veggies: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts

Broccoli, cauliflower, and my favorite little brussel sprouts are are loaded with antioxidants. They have choline in them which helps keep a healthy gut. This is one of my go-to quick meals that I absolutely LOVE!! recipe here

sweet potato brussel sprout saute (2)


I was always told VITAMIN C! That was the way to prevent illness.


This one surprised me. Apparently cinnamon is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Load it on everything from yogurt, to apples, even add it to a nice comforting chili.


Stay healthy friends!


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