Heard from the Backseat: Episode 10

humor from the backseat

My middle son and I had a little shopping date this past weekend. He really wanted to go and get his brothers Christmas presents. Super sweet. He even said he was going to pay for them with his “Secret Stash,” which he forgot to bring. On our way home he mentions summer vacation.

D: “Mom, if we don’t go to Lego Land this summer we should go to California.”

My thoughts – First, I never said we were going to Lego Land this summer. Second, what made him think of that? Why would he want to go to California? Hollywood? Third, AHHH California…I would LOVE to go to California. Fourth…what makes him think we can afford a big family trip to the other side of the country?

What I actually said….”What would you want to do in California?”
D: “We can go to Bluff Creek and try to find BigFoot.”

Here I thought Hollywood, Disney Land, maybe even surfing. Nope. Bigfoot. Someone has been watch Discovery Channel with Dad.


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