4 Tips for Less Stressful Holiday Entertaining

Let’s face it, the holidays may be the “most wonderful time of the year,” but they are definitely stressful and for so many different reasons. BJ’s Wholesale Club recently released a survey of 900 moms about what stresses them most about the holidays. The main factors that seem to stress out moms who shop for holiday dinners or parties included staying on budget (65 percent), checkout lines (58 percent), and visiting multiple stores to find everything on their list (57 percent). I totally get it. Those are huge stress factors on my list as well when prepping for our annual Christmas Eve bash.

Well, as a seasoned Christmas Eve hostess, I’ll share a few of my tips with you.

  • Get all your serving trays, linens, and special holiday serving ware out beforehand. Wash it all and have it stacked and ready to go. Definitely purchase disposable plates, etc. for large parties.


  • LISTS!! I live by them. A gift list. A cleaning list. A party menu. And then the party shopping list. You’re more apt to stay focused, stick to your budget, and it makes it easier to delegate tasks…YES, ask for help!


  • One-stop shop as much as you can. This is where BJ’s Wholesale Club makes it easier for us moms. According to BJ’s survey, wine, beer, & liquor tops moms’ shopping lists when hosting holiday meals or parties (71 percent), followed by fresh-cut meats (68 percent)  and serving ware (56 percent). ALL can be found at BJ’s Wholesale Club. You’ll knock out that list so quickly and even manage to pick up those extra gifts still lingering on your list. Party platters, beer & wine, fresh meats, butcher service, appetizers, and serving ware in one stop.


  • Simplify your menu. You don’t need to go completely over the top. Choose a few great recipes that you’re familiar with making. It will relieve some of that worry.



*This is a sponsored post but all tips and opinions are my own.