Snow Fun and First Time Snowboarding

We got our first official “winter storm” this past weekend and the boys were beyond thrilled. They’ve been asking when we were going to get some decent snow since October. I did my parental duty and took them sledding at my old elementary school despite my hatred of the cold. Their smiles and laughs were so worth the frozen toes, fingers, and face.

Finnegan got the snowboard he asked for from Santa. He was itching to give it a try. WOW! He certainly impressed us on his first try. Natural. I’m going to have to get him up to the mountains on a real board.

And of course after he made it look SO EASY, he asked me to give it a go. Now I have never snowboarded in my life. I haven’t put on a pair of skies in about 15 years, but I told him I would try. Well I did AWESOME…for about 2.5 seconds.


Thanks for making mom have a little fun boys!


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