Scared by Silence….And Sometimes Laughter

When the boys were little and it got REAL QUIET in the other room I’d panic. You just knew they were getting into some type of trouble because God knows they didn’t miraculously put themselves down for a nap. Thoughts like “Did I leave an unattended Sharpie?” would flash through my mind. There was even a time where I found one fishing in the fish tank. Literally. Now that they’re a little older silence doesn’t scare me as much. What scares me now, I’m super sad to say, is LAUGHTER. Yup.

You see, they’re older now and things that they find hilarious are usually inappropriate or something that will get them into trouble. When I hear that deep belly laughter I’m not worrying about Sharpies anymore, I’m thinking someone is mooning his brothers. It’s rather sad. Laughter is a happy thing. I should enjoy hearing it…but in the back of my head I’m thinking they’re doing something wrong. Often they’re just laughing at an episode they’re watching on Netflix, but there are those times I go in to find one person sitting on top of another or someone dancing around naked as they change into their pajamas.

The bright side…they’re bonding as brothers when often it’s the exact opposite. Although I still get that uneasy feeling. Maybe it’s because when all three are laughing together I’m feeling out-numbered? Are they conspiring against my husband and I? Hmmm.

Excuse me while I go check on them again.

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