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The Bookshelf: Nicholas Sparks Two By Two


Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks. I bought it months ago and finally finished. Not what I expected from the master of love stories, but fitting seeing he is currently or recently went through a divorce. Yes, if you didn’t know the king of romance separated from his wife. Makes you think, huh?

When it comes to Nicholas Sparks, I’ve been a fan since his first novel. I remember reading The Notebook my freshman year of college, followed by Message In A Bottle. I’ve been a fan ever since and anxiously await each new release. I’ve been disappointed twice; At First Sight and True Believer. I didn’t like either one of them, but he redeemed himself in my book with Dear John. But enough of that, back to the book at hand.

Unlike most Nicholas Sparks novels of two people finding love in unexpected places, Two By Two is the inside of a marriage unraveling. Well not just a marriage, but the main character’s (Russ) entire world.  He thought he had it all, and then it’s gone. Completely out of left field. He didn’t even see the warning signs. He’s left trying to navigate the waters of single parenting while keeping it all together as he watches it all grumble. Pretty depressing isn’t it. That’s what I thought.

Although I did root for Russ and his six-year-old daughter London, it wasn’t a page-turner for me to be honest. Watching the main character grow emotionally and regain parts of his life were uplifting, but again I couldn’t even imagine myself relating to this story. However, for someone who has been through a separation or a divorce and can relate more with the characters, I think you would really enjoy it. I wouldn’t say it was bad, just not my favorite.


Are you a Nicholas Sparks fan? Which book is your favorite? I’d love to hear.


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