Vampire Diaries Returns Tonight


So Vampire Diaries returns tonight with it’s mid-season premiere for the final season. Yes we’re going to talk about my teenager show I’m obsessed with. Why? Because this is my blog and I can do what I want, and I know some of you watch it too. Yes, there will be spoilers if you’re not caught up.

I thought it would be a good time to dish about what I feel they’re doing right and what I feel they’re doing wrong with this season. Honestly, having the show’s main character out of the picture for the last two seasons does put a damper on things, but the rest of the cast has made up for it. I’ve definitely seen a growth in the actors/actresses. I would love to see Nina Dobrev return to the show for the last episode, but that has yet to be announced. All that aside, let’s talk about this season’s story line. I personally think they went all wrong with this siren thing. That’s what’s killing me this season. Sure I get that they’re really trying to dive deep into the relationship of Damon and Stefan (as always), but they’ve lost the rest of show in doing so. They’re getting a little to philosophical for my liking. Now if this Cade “devil” has claim over all of the sinners’ souls then why for the first 5 seasons did supernatural beings go to “The Other Side” after they died? They didn’t go to Hell for their sins, and all of them had sinned at one point or another. The story just doesn’t coincide with the previous seasons.

Going into this season I thought it was supposed to be about preserving Elena’s body because it has “the cure” in it and other vampires would be hunting to get it? What happened to that? I figured there would be some villan that wanted the cure. Also, shouldn’t they be finding a way to unlink Bonnie and Elena? They now have two Gemini witches. Did everyone forget that? Why are they not trying to fix this?

Matt. Poor Matt. Why did they introduce his dad in the final season? It’s beyond me. However, he is the one that had the weapon that can defeat Cade. Do you think Matt has some type of supernatural genetic ties? I’m secretly hoping Rebekah returns for him. Although, he’s kind of gone all Van Helsing lately.

The point of killing Tyler was? Someone tell me.

I love that they are all journaling for Elena, that brings it back to the original seasons.

Stefan and Caroline. I really preferred them as friends. Bonnie and Enzo. LOVE that they put these two together. Swoonworthy.

Sybil. Loathe. I hate that they’re destroying all of the Elena memories. Where it’s nice that they are bringing those clips back and folding them in, how is Damon going to get those memories back?

I miss Mystic Falls. The old Mystic Falls. The history of the land, the hiding from the council, and the Gilbert house. I’m curious to see how they’re going to end this all. What do you think is going to happen?