Fitness Friday – Fit Winter Activities

Let’s face it, the dreadmill treadmill is boring. It is. To be trapped on that thing all winter or stuck inside a gym is awful. Thank Old Man Winter. Well here are a few activities to try to get you through the winter rut.


Snowshoeing – You can burn around 800 calories with this fun, leisure activity.

Skiing – Downhill or cross-country. This is a great workout for your legs.

Ice Skating – Burn off that hot cocoa at your local rink.

Sledding – Climbing those hills, pulling those kids. Get out there and have fun while you get toned.

Shoveling – Forget the snowblower and grab a shovel. Depending on the surface area and the weight of the snow you’re looking at a good calories burn session. Also productive.

Indoor Rock Climbing – An excellent full body workout. Check your local listings for rock gyms in your area. Also, Groupon usually has some good deals.


Whatever your activity of choice; stretch, stay hydrated, and be safe.

Do you have a favorite fit winter activity?