Grey’s Anatomy: A Mer-Karev Romance?

Who’s ready for tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Let’s talk. So there have been rumors of a Meredith and Karev romance and I was wondering what you all thought about that?

Personally, I say “Please NO!”


Being the only two left from the original season I would hate for them to do this. I love the friendship they have. It’s very sibling-like. Remember when they screwed up the friendship between Izzie and George? They can’t let that happen again. And don’t kill it by having one start having romantic feelings for the other, and then they’re not reciprocated. Don’t do it Shonda!

So what do you think? They’re the last of the pack, should they start a romantic relationship?

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I’m still rooting for Karev and Jo. And April and Jackson. What happened to that cute military doctor that was crushing on Meredith? Grey’s is needing some more elevator moments.

2 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy: A Mer-Karev Romance?

  1. Riggs is still around, just not as prominent of a character as he once was. Like you I’m rooting for Karev and Jo. My favorite couple is April and Avery, though. Meredith and Karev are more like siblings than lovers. But being the last two of the original crew they may fall for each other because they know each best. Or they’re just each other’s “people”. I think Karev settled and bought his way out of jail.

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