Well the baby turned EIGHT last week! I can’t believe it. My Timehop on Facebook was killing me. I miss the boys being little.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with my little guy turning another year older. He’s my little love bug. He’s super funny, easy going, and LOVES his snuggles. Soon that will be gone. Each day gets closer and closer to them not needing me anymore. However, the morning of his birthday he made may day. He came walking into my room and I said, “Good morning! Happy Birthday baby!” To which he replied…

“Who wants to snuggle an eight-year-old?”

Be. Still. My. HEART.

So we had a snuggle. Then a birthday donut, followed by a wonderful Family Day.



Kite flying at the park

and his FAVORITE dinner, which he ordered all by himself with wonderful manners.

Happy Birthday Finnegan!!!

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